Our official launch date is 11 August 2023.  Enjoy shopping and please be in touch if you encounter any glitches as we get our on-line shopping experience running smoothly.  

Customers reviews

What people say?

I absolutely love your cards and I cannot wait to receive them and even better to use them. I work in the area of Joy Courses and this will give me another dimension that I can use for that and in my daily life. Thank you for your inspiration and the beauty you bring to the world.
Jane McIntyre
Joy course Creator, Thinktricity

My experience over a number of years using these cards is that they are a powerful tool for understanding the energy and information that emotions provide us in navigating our relationship with self, others and different life challenges. 

Where emotional nuances may be difficult to describe in words, these beautiful pictures of nature resonate subliminally, connecting the viewer with a deep sensory clarity of their inner emotional landscape and the stories that are associated with it.  This level of awareness is a powerful step in the journey of emotional intelligence and heart energy mastery. 

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