Emotionally Curious?

Here we offer tools to dive into the nitty-gritty of emotions.

Who doesn’t want to change big, explosive outburst of anger? Or still anxiety that overtakes your body and rules your life? Find a zest for life rather than longing to spend days cocooned under your duvet? 


It is possible to find your better way. 

Emotional adventuring is to discover the transformative power of your feelings. There is mess & there is spectacular beauty. It is hard & rich rewards lay-in-wait. This is your official invite to choose emotional adventuring. Your emotions are your calling card. Don’t journey alone. 

Drink from Nature

Create nourishing, natural eye-opening experiences

A set of 64 cards with breath-taking pictures back and front with 3 or 4 emotion words to use as prompts in workshops, 1:1 sessions, relationship coaching or conversations in the workplace or home.

Venture to the Interior

Journey across your bodies boundaries into the lost world beneath your skin. Adventure. Discovery. Peace

A safe space to listen to the body. A visual journal that offers a way to playfully draw and discover how your body responds to stress, anxiety, safety and connection.   

Let us count the ways

we love you

My experience over a number of years using these cards is that they are a powerful tool for understanding the energy and information that emotions provide us in navigating our relationship with self, others and different life challenges. 

Where emotional nuances may be difficult to describe in words, these beautiful pictures of nature resonate subliminally, connecting the viewer with a deep sensory clarity of their inner emotional landscape and the stories that are associated with it.  This level of awareness is a powerful step in the journey of emotional intelligence and heart energy mastery. 

Liz Cunningham

These cards are aesthetically beautiful to look at and so useful to tap into your feelings, it is a safe space to explore ones emotions and then simply feel them or jot them down in a journal as a prompt to write about them.  They allow us to know ourselves more and be more aware and allow for growth.  The beauty is we can share them with family and friends. 

Sarah de Ridder

The heart

behind Nature of Emotions

More than 10 years ago I was inspired to connect feelings and nature into a set of cards. But how? Where to find a collection of photos to represent the fullness of the human experience?  It has taken a decade to get to market. Now you can hold in your hands an invitation to travel deeper into the wild spaces within.  


Adventure sport, hiking, safaris are often about discovering natural beauty, understanding nature and experiencing wild places.  Nature of Emotions is created with the intention that people may treat their internal world with the same awe, curiosity and respect as travellers do when encountering wild extraordinary places. Both journey’s invite curiosity, courage, presence and a willingness to go gently and tread lightly.  


The Nature of Emotion tools encourage people to see themselves more clearly, approach their inner journey with deep reverence, and see with the eyes of respectful, compassionate explorers who recognise all they find is deeply sacred. 


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